New upgraded trains

Zdravo everyone.

Today I will show you all a total of 8 different trains I have buolt over the past two weeks.

After years of practice this is what I have so far

3 DMU’s, 1 EMU and 3 Electric Locomotives

(HŽ 7122, HŽ 7121 (Old), HŽ 7121 (Modern), HŽ 6111, HŽ 1141, HŽ 1142, HŽ 1061)

A sure-fire update from the old Czech trains I made in the past. Feedback would be epic. Just please be nice about it

(It is also worth mentioning there are no couplers on these units yet)

These are the trains I have left to make for this version and future updates from ex Yugoslav operators

HŽ 2041
HŽ 2044
HŽ 6112
HŽ 7123 (In progress)
HŽ 6011 (In progress)
HŽ 2132
Vectron X4 A17
HŽ 7022
HŽ 7221

SŹ 711
SŽ 713
SŹ 342
ŠZ 310
ŠZ 312
SŽ 510
SŽ 313
SŽ 642/643
SŽ 646
SŽ 644
SŽ 664
SŽ 541
SŽ 363

ŽS 441 (Completed)
ŽS 444 (Completed)

ŽS 461 (In progress)
ŽS 193
ŽS 621
ŽS 641
ŽS 644
ŽS 661
ŽS 666
ŽS 412 (In progress)
ŽS 413
ŽS 410
ŽS 710
ŽS 711

MŽ 411

I excluded other trains because

  1. I don’t know they’re classes

  2. I don’t know if they operate on the other operators

  3. They look exactly the same as a certain class (I can edit them maybe add an additional coach etc)

For example the MŽ (Macedonian railways) use ŽS 412

Thanks for reading this thread and supporting my project


They look very good!
You’re a professional
(Where is the 8th train?)

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Oh I am so sorry, a mistake on my end. I meant 7

Those look insane that is some of the best trains I’ve seen on Roblox. You should make a train riding game with those or sell them. Also is there interiors.

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Yea there is. But they are not very good :frowning: Im not very experienced in making interiors

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Oh yeah I’m totally making a game with this stuff lol

And it’s worth mentioning I haven’t had the patience to make new liveries either because I want a function where you can select the livery you want in game. But I haven’t found any photos of liveries I can use so yeah I’m sticking with these for now.

And I’m still looking for sounds for these trains so that’s going to be a chore because I don’t live in Croatia or any ex Yugoslav country so I can record the sounds from the trains myself since I have the equipment to do so

But thanks for supporting my stuff!

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A little update of the 2041 i built on my terrible school laptop overnight

Woah!! looking amazing! Great work!

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