New users cannot see sponsored games

New users cannot see sponsored games, if you create a new account, even after playing loads of games and coming on everyday, you cannot see sponsored games anywhere. I have never seen this happen before, we as developers were not informed of this, and this is misleading to developers sponsoring games. This issue also occurs on mobile.

This bug occurs every time, it can be reproduced by creating a new account. I am not sure what the minimum account age is to see sponsored games. I assume this is some test being done by Roblox, or a bug they don’t know about. As far as I know, this bug occurs everywhere you can see games. Sponsored games usually show everywhere.

Sponsored games don’t show on new accounts.

Brand new account (doesnt show sponsored games)

My account (shows sponsored games)

Question: It shows ads on new accounts, so why doesn’t it show sponsored games? Is this apart of the non-localized games censorship for new users?


Maybe it’s made specifically for 13+ or Veteran player. I don’t know

They are both 13+, so that’s not the case.

must be a roblox problem i would look into advertising

Are sponsored games not visible to every user at the same time, like ads? That could have something to do with this.

Likely so that new users are not bombarded with ads and have a better starting experience. Just my guess.

It’s for any new account, and I’m not sure how long you have to be signed up to see sponsored games. But I am guessing around a month because they appear on an account I made a month ago. I’ve known about this issue for a while now, just never cared about reporting it because I thought it would be fixed.

Weird that they care so much about new users being bombarded with ads but will show you “Baldis Basics Parkour” or “Granny Granny Granny Granny” or “Family Paradise” or any of these. These games are not retaining players, they are manipulating the recommended sort.


Family friendly came first in everything! that’s why there’s so many of these “boring” game came up in recommending

Update: An account has to be exactly one month old to see sponsored games.

They aren’t “boring”, they’re also abusing the algorithm (Repeated Word) or just a duplicate of another game with different stuff (Princess Tycoon) and Family Paradise is probably a copy of another game, Baldis Basics Parkour may be a TP game (May not be, I’m not so sure myself).

Thank, that explain everything