NEW v1.2 | TCX | The all in one tool for creating model thumbnails!

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i would make it cheaper, but not free. still this is a great resource!


cant make it cheaper, unfortunately roblox made it so you can make it free or 100 and up, if I could I would make it 25


oh! i havent made plugins in a while, so i didnt know that. thank you for correcting me

this does seem like a useful tool though, if i could buy it i would xD


i might recommend something though: make a pro version of the plugin with special effects that you can add to the thumbnail and setting the thumbnail as a decal and things like that, and make a free “lite” version for just basic icons


I definitely need this. I went ahead and paid the 100 Robux for it. I’ll let you know.

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Thank you for the purchase, please let me know anything you would want in update 1.1!

Sorry, a plugin I could make using Eppobots tutorial video is not worth 100 robux. This is essentially a scam if you could do it for free with little to no effort.


Making a easy to use simple plugin that makes something faster that can only be priced over 100 Robux or the developer gets no Robux from there hard work? I’m sorry if you could make this but please understand what a plugin is, it is something that makes a process more easy or faster. Lets compare something I COULD make a animation in blender or the Roblox animator for free or I COULD buy moon animator for 1700 Robux. Why do people choose the second option, could it be that people like to make things simpler and better? Could it be that you are selfish enough to not want people to get paid for there work? Could it be that it is not a scam?

Jus saying, I could easily throw together a few frames and a plugin button which enables and disables a screen gui. Then it’s the same.

also if you got moon animator when it was free you can literally delete the first line of code and use it anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

not that I encourage Roblox plugin piracy, but a basic animation editor shouldn’t cost that much


Then why does this plugin exist if it has the same functionality has the other ones.


Why do you keep asking question when you have asked so many? btw this was sarcasm

bro, this is literally the same plugin repackaged multiple times. What’s wrong with asking questions? If you actually say things like that I doubt you are willing to take feedback.


I’m taking feedback but not from people who call me a scammer.

Also in later additions to this plugin there will be a free version, a viewport frame editor and much much more!

wait, so what is even different from this and the original one?

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i would love to inspect the code behind the plugin and see actually how much effort was put into it or not to see if its a scam, but i cant because its behind a paywall lmao

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Glad you asked, custom FOV as of the current version, A viewport preview that looks like a published model, and a light feature. But as I said this is version 1.1 but in 1.2 witch should release in a few days there will be much more content including customization and viewport frame editors. (if it can make it in the deadline.)

With your comment I do have to unfortunately say that my coding is messy and always will be messy, this has caused me to in an update I would say 1.5 I will completely redo the code and make it less sloppy, all I can say is it is relatively short with about 300+ lines.

Wow can it really be faster and easier than the screenshot button?

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also you can change the FOV so easily, you aren’t fooling anyone. i would have no problem with this if it wasnt behind a paywall. i shouldnt have been so positive in my earlier posts, i didnt realize how much it was lacking in features.

That is not what this plugin is about? It is about thumbnails for models with thumbnail cameras.