New York County Public Schools (RULE!)

No 1. No criticism under age, sex, sexual attraction, or race what so ever.**
No 2. You may cuss here. Just don’t use them to affend anyone.**
No 3. No wreckless driving in games.**
No 4. No doing shit in the wrong channels.**
6. Don’t ping an entire role or the entire server without perms. That is a server disturbance violation.
No 7. You have to be BD+ to play the driving maps. UNLESS, we have an All Rank map.**
No 8. Don’t ask for ranks.**
No 9. Don’t ask for any events under the agenda category.**
No 10. Don’t ask for any of the group funds.
** No 11. Don’t ask for applications.**
No 12. No advertising without perms.

  • Follow all these rules to make this comapny and you thrive.**
    Staff/Admin Guidelines; 2020**

@{S} Staff **

  • You must attend 5+ rps per month.**

  • You must have permission by me or co founders to do an application.**

  • If you havw to go inactive from staff operations you must let us know in #inactivity-notice**

  • Breaking game rules lead either to Infractions or suspensions.**

  • Breaking general rules will lead to infractions or suspensions.**

  • Cussing people out will lead to suspensions (automatic 3 infractions.)**

    @{A} Administrators **

  • You must host 5+ trainings and or 5+ routes per month.**

  • Must have approval for any admin applications.**

  • Must be active to possibly get promoted.**

  • Can’t rank people to MR Staff or HR Staff without permission.**

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