New York Penthouse Showcase

Here is a small project I just completed! I wanted to mess around with the new lighting system.

Game Link: My New York Penthouse (Showcase) - Roblox

I’d love some feedback or advice.


I absolutely love this! This gives off some retro New York vibes. I don’t really have any suggestions. Keep up the good work!


As a person that lives in NY, this is… uh… WOW, AMAZING. No, really! This reminds me of my old home in Manhattan! (also, it looks like you are new to the forums, welcome!)


I am Blown Away by the Beauty of this. :exploding_head:

Sorry i dont have any feedback, but i cant conceive any way of bettering it.

That is so good!!
Keep up the amazing work :smile: :+1:

Pure wow.

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Man. This is AMAZING. This looks so realistic that I can’t know that’s real-life or Roblox.


It looks amazing! I have a suggestion, maybe get a better texture for the sofa and curtains.
Besides the textures, It looks really good.

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It looks fantastic! But I think the lamps might be taking away from it a little bit, sure in real life they would have a slight illumination, but they wouldn’t be glowing as much as a street lamp. I would change the level of glow that’s the only thing I can think of good Job!

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It’s good, but the wine in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pictures will get moderated.

This is SUPER AMAZING I don’t have any feedback or advice keep up the great work!!!

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WOW! That’s insanely good, it’s so realistic! Keep it up. :exploding_head:

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How are we meant to give feedback if it is already perfect? Seriously, it is absolutely amazing. I just do not understand how the heck people make builds of that quality in a simple engine. Amazing job! :cool:

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