New York Roleplay Guide


:one: FRP (Fail RolePlay), RDM (Random Deathmatch) and VDM (Vehicle Deathmatch) are strictly prohibited. – Warning

:two: SWAT, DOT and EMS don’t patrol! – Warning

:three: EMS Do not put out fires – Warning

:four: No Cuff Rushing (going up to random people with handcuffs to see if they are wanted) – Warning

:five: The M249 Machine Gun is banned. – Warning

:six: After you respawn, you must start a new life. (You Cannot Take Revenge On The Person That Killed You!) – Warning

:seven: Navy Blue vehicles are for Staff only! – Warning

:eight: Don’t fully kill. – Warning

:nine: Don’t pull over Navy Blue Vehicles. – Warning

:ten: If someone requests to tow your vehicle, you MUST accept the request (EXEMPT from unnecessary requests). – Warning

:one::one: Staff members are allowed to go out of character, this is to moderate the server.

:one::two: You cannot jump out of a vehicle moving 50+ MPH. – Warning

:one::three: Suicide RP is Strictly Prohibited. – Warning

:one::four: No Cop Baiting – Warning

Becoming A Role

Becoming a role is super simple! Just pick it in the Teams Tab! We also have a list of roles.

New York Police Department:

  • Crime Prevention Unit
  • Traffic Unit (All units only Command positions)

New York State Sheriff’s Office:

  • Traffic Unit (All units only Command positions)
  • Investigations & Forensics

Federal Private (Any Police Team):

  • FBI
  • Secret Service
  • NCIS
  • Military Force

New York