New York Social Game - The Big Apple

Hello everyone, this is a social roleplay game that’s still in progress, with very minimal work done with scripting but we have a large currently. Please leave any feedback you have on:

  • Map Layout
  • Art Style
  • What you’d want to see added.

Thank you.


great work keep it up i can tell you put alot of hours into this and your craft

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I have no words on how cool that is! I love the little alley area! (Odd fellows Odds n’ ends and Moo’s magics)

Looks great! I would totally come here and just chill out if I had some spare time!


Really cool stuff, obviously the scripting isnt there yet but the build size and quality is amazing, especially the castle - its a great little secret surprise!
I found quite a few little things, should all be easy fixes…

Models hair not anchored

Flag is backwards, needs a flipped decal

Rugged block design is really cool but the clipping is bad i think

This door should be a physics object

Need to turn on can collide

Dissapearing Taxis i assume the plan is for them to make a full circuit?

dont skate into the dock

Misaligned shower drain

Really clever false perspective but make the picture bigger and put it further back and the effect will be more effective.

You guys are so close to being perfect i hope this helps you get there