Newly created local files use Templates account's metadata


Newly created places through File>New, Ctrl+N, or selecting a template on the Studio landing will have game data such as CreatorId, PlaceId, and GameId populated with metadata from the Templates account. This persists until the local file is saved+re-opened.

Repro steps:

  • Create a place with Ctrl+N
  • Run the following in the command bar: print(game.CreatorId, game.GameId, game.PlaceId)

Expected result:

0 0 0

Actual result:

998796 28220420 95206881


Is this a problem? The only bug I can see is that the window title is confusing.


He’s referencing a problem that arose in this thread:


Came across this when helping someone in the thread just linked find out of the game is published or not. I’ve never needed to use game services in a local file (OP’s use case in other thread), but I can think of a few cases where a plugin would benefit from knowing whether the active file is a published game or not. E.g.

Scenario 1: Plugin that displays live player count of game in CoreGui to motivate developer. Tells developer they need to enable HttpEnabled for the plugin to function. The developer enables HttpEnabled, but the plugin doesn’t do anything because there isn’t anyone playing a local file.

Scenario 2: Plugin recognizes the place isn’t published, and doesn’t prompt the developer to enable HttpEnabled every time a new file is created.