News from Polluted Justice

Recently I had to take a break from developing the game because a very big test was approaching and I started to focus more on the exam.

but this time I started developing the game again and here is the list of things I’ve done since I started:

Finished the games terrain
–some places are still empty because ı will fill them with structures
New rocky lands and new volcano
–ı will delete the old rocky lands soon
I deleted the above water metro track
–ı will add a new one but this time it will be in underwater
I deleted the bridge and added 2 new bridges but they are empty for now.
–ı will decorate them

Here is the newest images from Polluted Justice: ( The map of the game may seem very empty to you because some of the areas I have made are not visible, because of the heigh)

Last image of the games map

New Volcano and new rocky lands: