Nexus Admin - An Open API Admin Command System

Edit (2020): This post is obsolete. See the GitHub repository instead.

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A few weeks ago, I started a project to create the new admin commands for Innovation Security’s Training Facility, just for more source control since Kohl’s admin isn’t controlled or readable by us, and is slow server wise. This lead me to create a whole new admin system, fitting the Nexus branding in the name, with the following things in mind:

Open API - Kohl’s admin is hard if you want to make your own commands, with the only functionality having a command invoked when the command is said.
Lightweight - Another thing I wanted was to not have much of an impact on the server with unneeded for loops or unoptimized code.
No Build In “Anti-Exploit” - This may seem as a bad thing, but there is one thing I have noticed - they don’t work. Exploits can just delete the admin script (non-FE), and they just hog resources and kick innocent people (with FE and some non-FE).
No DataStore or HttpService Calls - Http 429 errors happen a lot in the Innovation Security Training Facility, so make sure that there is no DataStore calls for the game developer to work around was important.
Group Admin Levels - I wanted to be able to make it so a certain rank in a certain group got a certain admin level to prevent the need of constantly updating the config.
No Gamepass Admin Level - No real developer sells admin, so why add it. I would prefer not to have a lot of scammers try to use my admin for the purpose of making money off game passes.
I Don’t Give Myself Admin* - Probably important for anyone who wants to make sure there isn’t a random person just abusing admin in their game. Unlike Kohl’s admin, I don’t give myself any useful admin commands. However, I do give myself access to any commands that are level 0 and above, which by default is only !debug and :logs.

The wikia page has more details on other features I have built into my system. Feel free to use it wherever you see fit. Let me know if there are any bugs or requests you want, weather it is the API, the system, or default commands.

Regarding the FromLegoUniverse name and the Nexus brand: I am planning to change my username on the 11th, when this account turns 4 years old.


Is all of it open source or do you require a closed module script?

@Edd_E @Programmix1 It looks like it’s rquire.

	local Worked,Return = pcall(function() require(386507112)(script,Config) end)
	if not Worked then
		warn("NEXUS ADMIN FAILED TO LOAD: "..tostring(Return))
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We have no way of knowing this.

Do :admins. I should only show up under “Debug Admins”.

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As if filtering yourself from a “list all admins” command is difficult :wink:

I should really work on my similiar-but-imo-better admin… oh well, maybe I’ll finish it someday

Figured I should mention that this is correct, and it is for security reasons. I don’t want the module modified, copied, or just plane messed with. There is a few sensitive things, which include the following:

  1. Admin list is directly handled by it, and allows me to have level 0 commands and the owner to have level 5. It would be dangerous to risk someone else uploading it, getting popular, and then having some random person take all the credit and have creator admin.
  2. Donation gui should go to the creator of the system, not a random person who copies it (this only applies for !donate. Feel free to make your own donate command/gui)
  3. No one should have a reason to edit the source without asking me to fix something, as ScriptOn brought up here.

However, if there is some bit of code that you want me to give you, private message me. I will be willing to give the code for most commands, just please ask for an individual or set of commands, since that module alone is 3,000 lines of code.

I don’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

As if temporarily changing the code for a screenshot is difficult :wink:

At least, this gives me hope.
I can release my own admin closed-source and not feel too bad.

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There has always been trust issues with admin.
However, I don’t think I am the type of guy who would want to so such things in the first place.

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Not that it’ll earn you something, could maybe even get banned by ROBLOX maybe?
(surely your model could be taken down, after people already stop using it because abuse)

Not a valid argument for smart people.
(although most kids, ROBLOX’ player base, probably don’t care)

I am not exactly sure what I have done to seem this untrustworthy.

This has been the case for things like a module using too many DataStore and HttpService requests, and I assume this could happen again for anything Osyris stated, but there has never been a widespread case of this, since the only private module systems out there are Kohl’s Admin and a few “anti-exploit” systems that people with non-FE games use, which normally don’t work.