Nexus VR Compatibility Tester - Automated Helper for Improving VR

A lot of games have been adopting Nexus VR Character Model, but the overall playability of a lot of those games is limited at best and unplayable at worst. I’ve had to explain this to a bunch of developers who claim my code is unusable or crashes VR players. This tool is meant to provide a semi-automated way to check your game for common issues that affect VR (and some non-VR) players. This is not a replacement for testing in VR. You should use this tool in addition to test, not as a substitute because you will miss problems otherwise.

As a bonus for the tool, it doesn’t care about the other technologies in the game. Whether you use Nexus VR Character Model, an alternative system, or a custom system, you can still use this tool, although some tests do work only with Nexus VR Core. Even if you aren’t a VR developer, you may still find some other things you can improve in your games that make the experience better for a lot more than just VR players.

For setup (just download and insert the code into PlayerGui or StarterPlayerScripts), supported tests, and contributing, see the GitHub repository.


Wanted to bump this, as this is extremely usefull for my games. Hope Nexus VR continues, thank you for contribuiting on roblox!