NFL Stadium/Game


I am currently working on a somewhat realistic and lag-free American Football game. We will have stadiums made for each NFL team, custom uniforms, an item shop to customize your character, and so much more!

This is Hard Rock Stadium: Home to the Miami Dolphins.

Please give me your opinion on the stadium and if you would be interested in playing this game when released.

Thank you for your time!


I notice in the picture is that there is no seats in the stadium and there is no stairs to travel around. Another thing is there is no tunnel for the players to come out of.

Good luck working on your game.

Look closely, there are tunnels! Also, this is to PLAY football, not watch it. I ant a lag-free experience as stated above. Thanks for your feedback!

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It is a good stadium overall, and I think it would work well for a sports game.

Great, thanks for the feedback!

sweet mate i would love to play this game if it were to come out!

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