NGRF Transportation Update Information

General Information

The transportation update is the next big update to be pushed out to the stable release of the NexGen Research Facility. Below are some things to expect in the transportation update upon its release.


  • Revamped elevator handlers to allow for call storage (no more pesky debounce)
  • Revamped elevator cars for all elevators *excluding the sector a elevators
  • Revamped entrance zone elevator system with new transfer zone
  • Elevator optimizations

Transit System

  • Improved transit stations with more details
  • Improved train operation
  • Improved station doors
  • Improved train cars
  • Transit system depot

Sector X Tram System

  • New transit system that goes between sector a and sector x
  • Brand new tram station

Other Small Improvements

  • Other small improvements and/or features may be added

Early Releases

These updates will be released earlier to the development branch which will be accessible to project testers.

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