Nicklaus_s - Interface Designer & Programmer

:loudspeaker: My commissions are open, I am looking for work!

Hi, I’m Nicklaus! I’ve been a programmer for around 3 years, and a graphic designer for around 2. I am efficient with Lua and JavaScript. I’m a self-taught freelance developer. I have a deep passion for my work and it is something I hold dear.

I’ve contributed towards around 20 million visits to the platform.

  • Timberline Productions (@Mystxcss & @VeosRob)
    Interface Designer
    I was tasked with creating all game interface for an upcoming game by Timberline Productions.

  • Snowflake Hotels & Resorts (@xJa_ys)
    Programmer & Interface Designer
    I was tasked with fixing bugs and creating interface. Unfortunately, this project changed ownership and was not finished by me.

  • MyResort (@TrentaFX)
    Programmer & Interface Designer
    I was tasked with creating modular frameworks and systems. Unfortunately, this project was left on hold and not finished due to lack of support.

  • Fairway Supermarket (@UhJose_ph)
    I created a feature rich stocking system, and a spill system.

  • CafeAway (@Awayville)
    Programmer, Interface Designer
    I am responsible for creating modular frameworks and systems. Some things I’ve created so far include a register system, which is a main function of the game.

  • Maranzano’s (@JamonCastillo)
    Programmer, Interface Designer
    I was tasked with creating interface components responible for carrying out the main functions of the game, among these were a suit selection, music, and intro interface. I was also tasked with programming the intro.

  • Droplet Systems (@Nicklaus_s & @TypicallyShadow)
    Programmer & Interface Designer
    Droplet Systems provides products for roleplay games. Some of our products include a stocking system, session board, price checker, hotel management system, and more. I am responsible for developing these systems.

This list also includes those I’ve worked alongside.

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I don’t have many “practical” examples of my programming work due to clearing my portfolio a while back. I do, however, have experience working in large groups and teams. I’ve put some code examples on GitHub and GitHub Gist.


Tools, Programs & Knowledge
  • Roblox Studio
  • Figma & Adobe XD
  • Rojo
  • GitHub & Git
  • Object Orientated Programming
  • Module Scripts
  • Maids
  • Signals
  • Promises
  • Springs

All my interface is designed primarily on Roblox Studio, some elements may be designed in Figma or Adobe XD.

When commissioning me, you automatically agree to the terms listed below. Terms may change at any time, without prior notice.

  • If you cancel the commission once I’ve made significant progress, you are expected to pay ~50% of the cost.

  • I have the right to cancel a commission, completed work may be provided, but is not required. Payment is not required.

  • Some assets used may be open-sourced. Some of my interface elements or code may be reused from other projects.

  • Credit is required to be displayed on the game description, within the game, or on an external social media program.

:man_judge: Due to being a minor, I am unable to sign any legally binding contracts, I do, however, wish to follow terms set by me and you.

These prices are negotiable. All prices are a reference, I will be able to give a better quote once you commission me. Prices vary, for example, multiple frames can range from 3,000 to 30,000 robux.

Percentages will be accepted in some cases, but not all.

All valid forms of contact are listed on the banner.