Nightclub Support: Exterior

This image above is the progress I have made so far for my “nightclub”, this is a club based in the 1970s but I want to know what I can do to spruce it up on the outside and make it look better. That’s why I am here on the forum today!


  • stickza :slight_smile:

Hai ya👋 @stickza! The base shape of the build has a good overall concept! But, it very much lacks in detail.:slightly_frowning_face:

A Few Suggestions🤔:

  • Utilizing textures provided through the toolbox or maybe your own could be very beneficial for this build, along with the use of materials provided by Roblox. -I noticed the same material was used with switching between two colors which is why I suggested this.:grinning:

  • Great base but where’s the decor!? Decorating the outside of your club with seating, and greenery would increase the attractiveness to the club in my opinion.:deciduous_tree:

  • There isn’t alot of color going on in the build in my opinion, maybe spice it up with some more neon’s that give off a retro vibe?:blush:

Minor Building Issues

1.) The neon on the doorway appears to over extend in the photo.

2.) The windows don’t have a clear outline due to the same color being used. Trying black or a darker version of white for the window outline might make it more clearer.

3.) The right side of the build uses an entirely different lighting than the rest of the club… My suggestion to that is to carry that variation of lighting throughout the build. So use purples, whites, reds, yellows… Whatever colors attract people the most to make the club really pop.:sunglasses:

-I like the idea overall and can’t wait to see what this build turns into!:relaxed:

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Heyo! Your build has a nice start but here’s some feedback and example pictures

  • Add more depth and dimension to your build. You can stick out the window dividers forward so it acts more like supports.

  • The fence/border can use more detail, you can add a ledge onto of it sticking out just a tad, and make small fence like supports.

  • Not sure if this is the finished color/materials but you should add more colors/materials since this looks flat.

  • The lights seem a bit overdone. You can pull out the middle a bit, and put lights under that.

  • The windows, have them more pushed back so it looks like they are on a ledge, adding more depth.

  • Greenery would look nice!

I rough mocked up your build and focused on the adjustments I mentioned

Happy building


I kind of have utilized some of those features. Let me know what you think! :slight_smile: