Nightcycle Studios 8/30/2020 "Weekly" Update

It’s been a while! Sorry for the long silence - I’ve been busy moving into my new apartment and because of that while I have gotten a bit of work in, it was never much fancy. This last week though has been a bit different, and now I’m excited to be back in the swing of things with more frequent tweets + weekly posts here.

So, is there anything cool to show you?
Yep! But that’s more thanks to Ryferion1 (the lead character artist for the game) doing some awesome work.

This week he focused on making some cool full recolorable weapons shown here. We look forward to showing their usage in the coming months using the power customizer!

So what am I doing?
My main focus right now is getting the LP3 to feel right, we’ve posted a bit about it, but a lot of the past few weeks has been re-organizing it on the backend to allow us to easily expand and polish for years to come. Ideally this is the foundation for the next 4-5 games of mine, starting with SHL4.

What are your hopes for this week?
So I want to post some more cool assets by Ryferion1 (yes there’s more!!), and I want to finish up polishing the backend of the LP3 so I can really focus on kool things like physics-based inverse limb kinematics as well as some fun movement stuff.

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