Nightcycle Studios 9/22/2020 "Weekly" Update

Heya everyone! Sorry for the delay, I just really didn’t have anything to show you until today - but now that I do I feel like I can make this post. As you may recall last week my hopes were to get inverse-kinematics working, as well as faces, capes, hair, and some assets to demo.

So of that tall over, we were barely able to get inverse-kinematics working :sweat_smile:

It’s been a long process, however now a player’s feet will adjust based on the ground surface, meaning a lot less feet clipping. The head will also now orient towards the focus of the camera!

This took a lot longer than previously expected though, mostly due to the inverse-kinematics work taking longer to polish than expected. It’s still not perfect either, there’s a glitch where limbs spontaneously disappear when a leg can’t bend enough to get to a target foot position.

Next Week
By next week though, hopefully we’ll add some more assets to show off, and I’ll have gotten movement to feel a lot smoother, as well as possibly begin messing around with the LP3 configuration menu. We might get more done, however after the pain that was inverse-kinematics I’ll be focusing on less complicated tasks for a bit.

Current Estimated 0.1.0 Earliest Testing Date
Inverse-Kinematics taking so long cost us an extra day, and now the prediction from last week of 10/12/2020 has moved back a day to 10/13/2020. Hopefully in overcoming these smaller quicker tasks we’ll get some of that time back.