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About Me

Hello there! My username is NightExacta, but you can call me Night. I am a Scripter. I have been scripting for almost 2 years. I joined Roblox about 6 years ago.


Here is a planet generator I'm workin on:

Here's some code I've made(A 3d perlin noise structure):
function perlinNoise(x,y,z)	
	local ab = math.noise(x/terrainDensity,y/terrainDensity,seed)
	local bc = math.noise(y/terrainDensity,z/terrainDensity,seed)
	local ac = math.noise(x/terrainDensity,z/terrainDensity,seed)
	local abc =,bc,ac)
	local ba = math.noise(y/terrainDensity,x/terrainDensity,seed)
	local cb = math.noise(z/terrainDensity,y/terrainDensity,seed)
	local ca = math.noise(z/terrainDensity,x/terrainDensity,seed)
	local cba =,cb,ca)
	local abcVector = abc+cba
	local mountainTerrainColor = math.random(70,100)
	--magnitude is from 0 - 1
	if abcVector.Magnitude <= .4 then
		abcVector =,math.abs(abcVector.y),math.abs(abcVector.z))
		wedge.Color = Color3.fromRGB(225, 182, math.random(30,80))
	elseif abcVector.Magnitude >=.9 then
		abcVector =,math.abs(abcVector.y),math.abs(abcVector.z))
		wedge.Color = Color3.fromRGB(mountainTerrainColor,mountainTerrainColor,mountainTerrainColor)
		abcVector =,math.abs(abcVector.y),math.abs(abcVector.z))
		wedge.Color = Color3.fromRGB(34, 95, math.random(20,40))
	return ((abcVector/6)*terrainScale)


I am available all throughout the week, yet my hours on Monday-Friday are limited to about 2-3 per day. And on the weekends up to 5.


I currently ONLY accept Robux. Prices are negotiable. In order to prevent scams, I do most of my work in a private game, show proof that it’s done, then after I receive my payment I’ll set up the script into your game.

Prices for scripting go by a predetermined amount based on the clients difficulty of game, and length of time I will be employed. This will be determined after you contact me.


You can contact me via Discord.
Discord: rat#2404

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I wouldn’t recommend giving away entire scripts like this, maybe snippets of code?

I’m interested! Please PM me here!

Most people don’t know what the variables do, and what the exact specs are to get it to function how it is in the script. These are GUI’s, so they don’t function, or look, as intended unless you know the exact specs, which are never revealed.