Nightway Prison RP. Update Log



:fire: 0.13.1

-Some areas of the prison have been reworked (Armoury Room, Yard, Mines, Workshop)

-Testing mining system

-Testing new Door system

-New Proximity Prompt

-The Credits UI in the intro only appears the first time you play

-Some Teams have been updated and changed

-New k9 Team

-New Handcuffs (Detain, Release, Frisk)

-New Radio

-New Locker system (guns & gear) with more Helmets and Vests for each team

-Each Team has now its own Rank system

-Overhead UI updated

-New Testing weather and days/months system

-Frame Buttons completely redesigned

-Bars & stats and Top UI completely redesigned

-New Player List

-New Health system with new Medical equippment: bandages, first aid Kit (Heal others) & Medical Kit

-New animations and small animations improvements

-Customizer gamepass has new functions

-Some models inside the prison have been scaled

-New hotbar and inventory

+Much more

-Rendering improvements

-Most guns errors fixed

-Major bugs and errors fixed