Nightway Prison: Update log (2024 easter)



:egg: 0.9.0 - Huge update

Beta stage is close!

Removed :file_folder:

-Some city places have been removed/closed

-Christmas decoration removed

General Changes:globe_with_meridians:

  • Game stage (version) fixed

  • Spring map added

  • Most prison rooms have been completely reworked.

  • Updated corrections radio

  • Doors now work depending on the schedule time

  • ERT is now free


-New working system for inmates (cleaning, laundry, shop restocking)

-New craft system

-New escape method

-New Booking team for inmates

-New booking system (crime selection, verification +more)

-New clothes for inmates

-New Rooms (New sector in the offices area; new chapel; new barber shop; new classroom; new inmates shop; HC spawn)

-Medical Bay and Psychologist rooms have been moved to a new area

-New guns for inmates (metal bar, shiv, sharp knife)

-New lockpick

-New baton type with riot shield for the ART

-New electric stunning baton

-New pistols (3)

-New working electric fence

-New door types

-New decorations added all around the prison

-New streets added to the city

-New easter eggs and secrets hidden in the map

-New lights

-New “buy clothes” shop for inmates

-New “current location” UI

-New schedule change message

-New auto morphs system

-New helmets and vests for each team

-New notifications system

-New break/repair generator system

-New lights repairing system for janitors

-New RP identification system

-New animations for the “Emotes” gamepass

-New sounds added for a better experience in tools or around the map

-New global mechanics, functions and interactions

-New interactions UI

Rework :hammer:

-Reworked city disco

-Reworked pepper spray

-Reworked loading screen

-Reworked teams selection screen

-Reworked cameras system

-Reworked Team ranks system

-Reworked doors

Other Changes :scroll:

-Minor changes to the level system

-Minor playability changes

-Minor animation changes

-Minor UI changes & fixes

-Minor lighting and graphics changes

-Minor changes made to the leaderstats

-Updated game icon

+Much more

Errors :gear:

-Major Rendering improvements

-Most guns/tools errors have been fixed

-Doors errors fixed

-Major bugs and errors fixed

-Data store service improved

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