Ninja Island - A Bloxy Kart Map

Greetings! I have made an entire map from scratch. Ninja Island!

My first question is, what should I add in this hallway?

I am not the best at building, but I was able to make a Japan themed map inspired by Mariokart’s Ninja Hideaway.

I will have images attached below. Let me know anything else I should change!

Thanks in advance!


(Note, any blue on the ground will turn into water)

(Platform rises and lowers as an obstacle)

what is that hallway? is it like some sort of cave entrance?

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Its part of the Ninja Temple. right after this turn:

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so uh, i have no idea. Maybe like collapsing ground? or something

Maybe not the best thing to add. I was thinking of wall decorations, but I am not big on Japan.

idk, the hallway doesnt fit with the rest of the map for me

Some decor can definitely be used, it looks a little plain to me.

I saw you developing this for like 3 days

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You should make it WAY better.
Just remake it.
There’s a lot of good Japanese showcases and games on roblox, check some.

Im not just going to do that… I worked a few days on this map. Im taking a ton of earlier replies into consideration and applying them.

Well, this map won’t work for monetization or commercialization in 2022.
If you don’t want to make it good, I’ll at least make you ready if you don’t make a profit.

too much focus on the texture of surfaces and not their shape, texture detail is supplemental to nice modeling.
Maybe use smooth terrain? At least the water.