Ninjabread [PORTFOLIO]

About Me

Hello! I am Ninjabread. I am a Roblox Modeler, Builder, and Graphic design artist. You can see my work in BloxVerse: Unlimited, a game I have worked on in the past.

Here are some of my past works


I am available everyday, all day. So feel free to contact me anytime!


Prices are negotiable, I choose payment through per asset.


You can contact me here on Discord at

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Nice lightsaber models you made there. Hope you get some commissions real fast :+1:

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Not sure if it is you, but I’ve seen those Lightsaber models being sold Around platforms like HD and Atlas. Im quite confident I can find it ON HD, but not sure If I can find it on other platforms. Would 100% clear that up, if your able to prove ownership, you have my Vouch!

Really? Could you link it to me because if that is true, i’m really worried that people have been stealing my models.

My apologies but I doubt I would find it nearly 1 and a half months later, but I remember people selling these around.