Ninjago Tycoon | Update Log

:hammer: Welcome To Ninjago Tycoon Update Log! Here you can find all the current and past updates on the game.

Update Log

05/30/2023 :hammer_and_pick:


  • New Land (Water)
  • New Rocks/Islands
  • Monastery Complete
  • New Floating Islands (Soon to have Enemy AI on them)
  • Better Lighting
  • New Secret Badge


  • Skylor Added
  • Misako Added
  • New Second Floor (2nd rebirth)
  • 4 Outfits per a Tycoon! (Not including Wu and Misako)


  • Golden Katana
  • Golden Spear
  • Golden Scythe
  • Rainbow Upgrader (For Second Floor)
  • Ninja Bow (Soon to be released)

NOTE : New UI is in the works, also new tools, weapons, and abilities. I am working on many new updates at once. Trying to release very slowly but surely. Hope you enjoy the update :slight_smile:

Update Archive

  • Changed All Statues To Updated Character Designs
  • Created Ninjago Monastery (For New Release/Update Coming Soon)
  • Created Mountain For Monastery
  • Added Rebirth Badges All The Way Up To 100
  • Changed Rebirth Currency Multiplier
  • Started Sketches For Brand New Ninjago Tycoon Design
  • Changed Spinjitzu Damage
  • Added Another Suit For Each Island (After 1st Rebirth)
  • Added Update Board At Spawn
  • Added Rebirth Board At Spawn
  • Increased Spinjitzu Cooldown to 15 Seconds
  • Reduced Player Rebirth Button/Currency Cost
  • Reduced Wind
  • Spinjitzu :
    • Set Cool Down to 10 Seconds
    • Reduced Fling Body Velocity
    • Reduced Damage To 30
  • Made HumanoidRootPart Unanchored when Downed
    • Added a Value To Check If Downed For Sprint
  • Fixed Anchored Head Donation Board
  • Increased Cool Downs On These Skills:
    • Magu
    • Light Beam
    • Ice Pheonix
    • Invisibility Cloak
  • Added Texture Images To Tools:
    • Dragons
    • Blades
    • FireBall
    • Spinjitzu
  • Reduced Rebirth Cost and Button Cost Multiplier
  • Increased Rebirth Currency Reward Multiplier
  • Fixed Day/Night Cycle
  • Added New Rebirth Button UI Design
  • Added New Find Button UI Design
  • Added TopBar Money UI Counter

:white_check_mark: Created update log and started working on previous errors and bugs.

  • Added Base Teleportation Back From Spawn
  • Fixed Spinjitzu Error After Multiple Attempts
  • Created New Blades
  • Added Donation Board/Top Donator
  • Fixed Base Collision Can Query with skills and teapot