Nix Cafe Group Rules

Hey! Welcome to Nix Café. Make sure you read the rules to find out how to properly work at Nix Café and not get fired or in trouble. Let’s get started!

  1. Don’t make big burgers - Making big burgers is quiet annoying. We try to prevent it but we need our staff to be on a lookout for people who are making big burgers. They cause quiet a lot of lag. If anyone asks for one report it to a high rank.

  2. Don’t bully anyone - Don’t bully anyone or make fun of or slander anyone. If you bully someone you will be banned as this is a nontolerance rule.

  3. Don’t admin abuse - If you admin abuse you will be fired. Admin abusing for people who don’t know is when you abuse admin and annoy people.

  4. Try not to beg for a rank - If you beg for a rank more than once when a high rank says no then you will be fired. Asking for a rank makes the café not enjoyable. If you want to get a promotion then shows the high ranks how hard you can work and how you stand out. We will come to you. This includes asking for a interview for a high rank or any kind of way for a promotion

  5. Don’t spam food to anyone - Spamming food causes a lot of lag and will get you banned. If you have more than 6 cups then you will be banned. It’s annoying and a lot of high ranks deal with it everyday and have to ban people who thought they were just being funny.

  6. Don’t glitch - Don’t glitch through the walls or you will be banned from the game. It’s annoying and is not tolerated.

  7. Try not to spam - Spamming is when you send more than 2 messages of the same thing. If you send the same thing 3 times in a row and it may be annoying to people then you will get kicked at first then banned.

  8. Don’t give away anyone’s information - If you give away anyone’s personal information through the discord or the group then you will be banned from the group and anything related to it.

  9. Don’t bypass any curse words - If you bypass any ROBLOX banned words then you will be banned from the game and not allowed back. It could even lead to a ban from ROBLOX.

Follow all these rules and you will not get in trouble and you should enjoy your time at Nix Café if everyone around you follows all these rules.

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