Nix Cafe High Rank Guide

Hello HRs, If you want to be the best high rank you can be and get promoted easily then follow these rules and follow what you’re supposed to do.

All high ranks must host 3 trainings a week and be documented on the discord. If you do not host 3 trainings you will get a warning of a 1 day suspension then if you don’t fulfil it a second time you will be demoted to customer.

You must treat all the low ranks with respect even if they are trolling you must show them respect. If you do not respect low ranks or customers/guests you will be fired.

If staff argue then nothing gets accomplished and it could get you fired. It’s ok to debate but if you argue and there’s a pattern then you will be fired due to you not being able to work with staff. If you demote someone because they have different views of a topic then you will be banned from Nix Café and fired.

Controversial Speaking
If you speak about controversial issues then you will be banned from the group. If you speak about how you like Hillary over Trump or Trump over Hillary or any political stance that’s not in the time of the subject then you will be fired.

All high ranks are required to use grammar while at the café. If you do not use grammar then you will be warned first with a warning, then a suspension for 24 hours, then you will be fired. Grammar over discord is not required yet is required when speaking in the game

Online Dating
If you online date with any staff then you will be fired. You can not show emotions towards anyone that might be loving towards them. You can show hospitality but if you try to date them while at the café you will be fired.

All high ranks must follow these rules or you will get in trouble. Thank you guys <3

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