No e-mails on password reset

I am unable to reset my password via the email reset mechanism due to a website issue (although I’m currently logged in, using Facebook and that’s why i can post here.)

When I try to reset my password by email (through the “forgot your password” form):

I don’t get any e-mails what so ever.
I use outlook/Hotmail, to receive the mail.

As a result of this, I’m not able to reset my password, and i can’t play games on my phone or any other places, where “login with facebook” is missing.

This is a bug in the web interface. I do need assistance in resetting my password. As it doesn’t seem like hotmail/outlook can get the e-mails from roblox, or if roblox even can send it out.
I though that phone password reset, would send an sms to my phone, but it says it’s sending me an e-mail…

Added all roblox links to “whitelist”

The login is solved, but my hotmail still doesn’t get any e-mails from roblox, so i had to change to another e-mail provider.

You have a verified email adress on your profile, right?
If so, are you sure you’re checking the right one?


Why do i keep getting the same result.
I get e-mail from
But not on any password requests…
Why is that.
Also why does roblox use several e-mails?

This is not suitable for Web Features since it seems very specifically related to your particular case/configuration, and is most likely not entirely caused by the platform itself, so I’m moving it out of the category.

Please continue talking to support about this issue and they will help you resolve it.

I have a friend not in the devforums experiencing the exact same issue. They’ve contacted support many times for the past few weeks but they always get the same response. I hope there’s a fix soon!

Thanks for the help Roblox Support, sending a new password in plain text helped me log in using Facebook, then change it. (as i have 2 factory enabled i could not login using the e-mail).

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