No edit permissions even though im the owner

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    I want to be able to access my place through the roblox studio
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    Whenever I try to access my place through roblox studio I am prompted with the message “You no longer have edit permission to the selected place. It will be removed from this list.” Even though I’m the owner of the place and game.
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    Restarting my pc and roblox. I can edit the place from the creator dashboard but not studio.
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I have just run into the same issue when i tried to open my games in studio even though I’m the owner/creator of them and the only one with permissions.
For me it seems to only be the games under the Recent tab. I switched to the My Games tab and all my places were still there and I still had access to them.
Not sure what is going on.


I am having the same issue too! I had to switch to the My Games tab as well.


It doesn’t work for both recent and my games.

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I am also having this issue! Using My Games seems to still work though.

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Likewise, I too received this message and then it just removed the place in Studio. I was able to open it again from the My Games tab.


This did just also happen to me.

Same to me, i managed to open it only in the website