No Filter on DevProduct Names

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to make developer product names without their name being filtered. I was teaching a friend how to make developer products, he made one called ‘1000 tokens’ and this was filtered into ‘#### tokens’. He is under-13 so that might be a reason why the name was filtered.

This meant that he basically couldn’t make any professional-looking developer products for his games.

Roblox Developers can make text on guis without anything being filtered, so I don’t see why they cannot be trusted to add developer products without any filter being applied.



You kidding right?

Yes, the reason it was filtered is because <13s cannot post numbers.
The solution isn’t to stop filtering it. That’s silly.
There is no issue here.


It doesn’t make sense how they can write anything on ScreenGuis, but they can’t write anything on the Developer Product prompt purchase gui.

And aren’t we meant to be encouraging young developers to develop in roblox studio? He literally can’t make any developer products that he wants to because of this


This gets filtered for me, normally when I do “1000” … currency name. It’s a real pain.

The filtering of regular numbers needs to just be removed entirely. It’s not accomplishing anything in the way of safety - everyone is just bypassing the number filter in a number of ways, including just “spelling out” the numbers with combinations of regular words. If someone wants to send their personal information to another person, they’re going to bypass the filter regardless of what Roblox tries to stop them.

Roblox can never completely stop people from sending numbers unless we go back to the Super Safe Chat days. All the filter is doing is creating a big hassle for people like this who have a legitimate reason to use numbers.


I think numbers should only be filtered in chat. The chances of a vulnerable kid using something like a decal name just to give out personal information are more slim than them using the workarounds you mentioned.


music 1000 tokens

learned this trick from all the kids who play my game. just say the word music first, and then it won’t filter out any number that comes next


how… what… why…?

the chat filter continues to entertain me


Yeah, and while you’re just hearing about it, every single child that plays Roblox has been using this method for months. Literally all of them know about it.


i’ve been trying to figure out why every child on my group wall writes about “music 100” omg YOU LITERALLY MADE MY day



Gamepasses as well, I tried making gamepasses awhile ago for Rank 1, Rank 2, and Rank 3 and after 1, they all were named “Rank #” and “Rank #” I just wanted to make rank gamepasses…

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shhhhhh, don’t make the poor children lose this workaround


Lol I’ve seen this a billion times on my game too. It’s entertaining seeing so many children use workarounds to talk to each other.


Oh my god, I can’t even post a group shout to my members with a time. I tried “6PM EST” “6 PM EST” “6p.m. EST” “6 p.m. EST” and “SIX pm EST” and none of them worked, I look like an idiot now.


Finally managed to post it :rage:



This thread drifted so far off topic. Sure, unpleasing workarounds may work in casual conversation, but adding the word ‘music’ before a number in the name of your developer products is in no way a solution or even a workaround. For those who don’t know why people add the word ‘music’, it can be really confusing, and I imagine damaging on your developer product sales when people become unsure what they’re even buying due to the ‘music’ in the name.

This thread would benefit more by discussing why or why not developer product names should be filtered, depending on your opinion. This was the original intention and topic of the thread, not workarounds or complaints about the filter.

As for the original topic of the thread, I completely agree these names should not be filtered. Not to restate the same point, but any damage that can be done through the names of developer products can be done through gui’s in your game. The only difference is that using gui’s to do so is much, much easier.

Even in the case of an account being compromised, it is so unlikely that the first thing someone would do is go change developer product names to something inappropriate. Even if this were to happen, the damage done by that is far below the damage being done by censoring the names of developer products.


Necroing cause this is still an issue and it’s ridiculous.

Trying to upload names with xxxx Tickets and Tickets (xxxx) get moderated instantly and going into the configure page to change it later doesn’t work (still moderated).
I can’t upload more dev products now because their names get moderated and clash with previous uploads.

Asset names should by no means be filtered in the same way that chat is, it’s an unnecessary roadblock to development.