No information on GetBundleDetailsAsync


On the GetBundleDetailsAsync page, there is no description of the method or the dictionary it returns. The method would be really useful, there’s just no direct information on it, thus having to use it in studio and print out the table in JSON. This could potentially confuse new scripters who don’t know how it works.

The only information present are the parameters, it returns a dictionary, and it’s a yielding function, nothing on what it returns.

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How do I use GetBundleDetailsAsync() to put a bundle on a character?

Considering that Humanoid descriptions seem to be on the way and live soon, I think that this documentation request should be fulfilled. It seems quite important to know the workings of this function, especially for games (such as Rthro-based games or Rthro Featured Games) that wish to present the ability to change bundles. After all, bundles are used for animations and packages.

On an unrelated note, I did some experimentation on this method and I was able to produce as close as one can get to documentation as of right now for this method. I don’t have any code examples I can present, but I do have a construct of the table that could be similarly useful.

Dictionary return for GetBundleDetailsAsync:

  • number Id
  • string Description
  • string Name
  • string BundleType
  • table Items
    • subtable format:
    • number Id
    • string UserOutfit
    • string Name