No json header when string passed via user api

When attempting to pass a string as a userid via the api{userid} (GET), it does not apply the json header alike its counterparts like{userid}/status (GET) and instead outputs it as a raw json encoded array - basicly raw html. This could cause improper/unexpected behavour when attempting to error handle for the client. I have attached two images bellow, one is the expected result (when a number is passed but no user exists) and the other is the actual result (when a string is passed).

Time: 12:15 BST
Date: 09/08/2020

Expected Result (number):

Actual Result (string):

How to reproduce:

  1. send a string via the api at{userid}
  2. Observe the header not being changed to JSON.

If this is in the wrong category, can I request it gets moved to the correct category as I am unaware what this belongs in.

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Thanks for the report! We’ve filed this internally and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.

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This issue should now be resolved! If this issue is still occurring, please create a new topic for us to look into.