No longer able to equip multiple face accessories

What do you want to achieve?
I am attempting to wear this and this, both of which I own.

What is the issue?
Both the Roblox app and the website are only allowing me to equip one or the other.

I’m not sure if this is some new change, but I have been allowed to equip both at the same time in the past (see my DevForum profile picture; It has both equipped as it has not updated yet).

What solutions have you tried so far?

  • Refreshing pages
  • Unequipping and reequipping said accessories
  • Logging out and back in
  • Unequipping and reequipping everything

if you go to the advanced options on the bottom of any accessory page you should be able to equip multiple face accessories if you have their id.


I’m not seeing this anywhere, can you please explain it more?

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To my knowledge it only shows if you’re on PC (or using the desktop view feature on a mobile device) and should be visible directly underneath your accessories.

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I am on PC. There is nothing under my accessories except the “Recommended” section.

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Could you send a screenshot of what it looks like for you? I checked mine just now and it’s there.

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From the screenshot it looks like you’re looking at your inventory and not the avatar editor.


Ah, my mistake. I see it in the avatar editor now. Thanks for your help!

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