No longer able to press both MouseButtons together while plugged into an Xbox

When connecting an external mouse to your Xbox, you can no longer use both mouse clicks together. Imagine holding right click to aim your sniper rifle and pressing left click to fire. This is no longer possible.

One of our dedicated console players reported the issue yesterday and said it only began happening this week.

Expected behavior

It should be possible to press multiple buttons on an external mouse and have all inputs register.


I’ve tested Jailbreak on my Xbox and something is off for sure.

On my Xbox One, in Jailbreak, using a pistol…

  • With Xbox controller, everything is fine. I can zoom in with LT and shoot with R2 at the same time.

  • With mouse plugged in to my Xbox, after trying to zoom in or shoot, the cursor jumps to the bottom of the screen for a second and jumps back to the middle of the screen. (After testing for a 2nd time, the cursor jumped to the top of the screen.) Zooming feels inconsistent like inputs are not fully detected as being pushed and being let go.

    • I can’t open the Dev Console through the Xbox Esc menu as it doesn’t show up. Maybe there is an error that pops up in the error report analytics.

    • This issue does not happen when I tested on PC.


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.



I am unable to reproduce this issue and can hold down the right mouse button (for instance to zoom in on a scope) and click the left mouse button (to shoot the gun). I am going to mark this as un-reproducible. If you are still seeing the issue please let me know.