No longer in progress

Hey everyone! Recently, I have been working on a game and I’m happy to say it is now out. This game is pretty much a ragdoll physics game but with a realistic feeling. Please leave any bugs or suggestions on the group wall or this thread!


cool. definitely gonna donate 5 robux.
thing with chat is that the thinking bubble is under the chat bubble so that looks weird
make it clear that r is to ragdoll and unragdoll
it glitches out with shiftlock

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ok thank you! will work on that right now! also, im adding some buildings because the map is a little plain.

The ragdolls are cool except when you go into first person, it glitches out.

i have fixed the shift lock problem but dont know if i want to restrict people from going into first person… what do u think?

depends, do you think players would like to go into first person?

personally, i think they would like to. i like to go into first person a lot.

Although this is cool I’d like to see a more unique version of a ragdoll system using Skinned Mesh. It’s not something people have really done so It’d be cool to see on the platform.


Thank you! I’m pretty new to studio so I’m not sure how to do that. Maybe in the future!

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While jumping the ragdoll effect doesnt work. other than that its cool.

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What do you mean? In every ragdoll game the actual ragdoll doesn’t work until you hit the ground

I tried it and it was sick! You did great but one thing is that when you hit the ground, you dont actually fall. You just stand there. R is the only way to fall.

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Yea, I’m pretty new to scripting so I wouldn’t know how to do that, I’ll work on it though!

@Glyptical Thank you for the 500 robux donation! Your statue is now in game!!!

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The lighting is nice. What is the ‘Realistic’ part of your game? Is it the lighting? Is it your ragdoll script(doesn’t bend limbs the wrong way)? How is your ragdoll game different compared to other ones?

You need some more stuff to do in there.

So far so good.

Thank you! Yes, more is coming to the map. The ‘realistic’ part is because most ragdoll games are on a baseplate, this one is not. This one has nice lighting and represents an island that actually has hills and water.

They disabling auto rotate in the humanoid.

Ok, where would I do that at? Sorry lol.

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In your script to ragdoll, add something like this when you change humanoid state types,

local humanoid = thehumanoidthingything

humanoid.AutoRotate = false

I would check for a touch, maybe with a touch event and check the angular/linear velocity.