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The game will essentially bee like a zoo tycoon but with a couple of extra features which we can discuss via discord. We need someone who can fully make a game (not including gfx) in a reasonable amount of time.


Payment is very negotiable depending on quality of work. We are willing to give up a % and a payment or do a one time payment whichever you prefer.

Contact Us

You can contact me via discord Carrot#1615

Thanks for reading!

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You want a single person to create the whole entire game? I feel you should hire individual developers that each do one part instead of one person doing it all.

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Yea for a whole game, one person cant do all of it. If you need a graphics designer though, here is my portfolio:Shadow_duo324/GFX artist/For hire {CLOSED}

I can script it, but I can’t build it. I’m adding you at HendricoMaximus!

Found someone, thanks everyone

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