[No longer supported] R6 Based Gun System

(7/1/24) No longer supported

The github account this post linked in multiple places was deleted ages ago, and the place containing the guns was also archived since this system is pretty bad and not programmed well at all

Hello! Welcome to my first Community Resources topic: Andromeda Guns!

This gun system is an R6 based gun system that I made in a few days.

Documentary for usage and setup can be found INSIDE the model. (Readme)

Model set used: https://create.roblox.com/marketplace/asset/4561104325/the-comprehensive-gunk-kit

Usage Example (File too large):
file deleted

github account deleted

I hope you all enjoy!

Please report any glitches/bugs on this topic. Do not DM me about bug fixes.
You may also post questions on this topic.

Gun System Model Link: archived

Uncopylocked Test Place: archived


Are you going to make an open source game that can be edited? To check it out… or include .rbxl?


The system can be found in the link, it’s all editable there.


Seems sketchy at best. You’d be better off actually uploading it to a uncopylocked place and posting the link here.


Hey everyone, its been a while but I’m going to be updating this system.

It is going to start running off of an automatically updating module for running the whole script, as that will make it easier to push out updates without developers having to replace all the gun scripts they created with the updated ones.

I’m also going to patch the bug where you can equip multiple guns at once (Very broken because you can turn a few guns into an A10 Warthog and mow down anyone in the path of you.)

Once I update this topic, please update any guns you are using at this time with the new scripts, I will post again once this change is implemented.

It will be updated in the test place, the model link, and the .rbxm file.

Thank you for reading!

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Andromeda guns has now updated, using a more accessible version of updating.

Please review the Github for more information.

Thank you!

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I would not this R6 based gun system myself, but it would be useful for your game or someone’s own game when used properly in my opinion at least.

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