[No Longer Supported] Redon Tech Advanced Combat System Installer

Do you mean like having infinite mags?


yes i do like there wont be a need for the ammo box

There isn’t a setting for infinite mags from what I know but you can do this:
then, you open the ammo value and see how much ammo a mag can store
in this case it’s 30 bullets, now, we’ll have to do some really easy math, if you want unlimited ammo, i guess you will just have to multiply the ammo a mag can store with the number of mags you want so:
and now you just need to replace the StoredAmmo value:

(Sorry if I took a while to reply, I was having class.)

hey i was wondering if i can put a script nder that value like-

script.Parent.Value = math.huge()

edit:(thts ok m8 even i was having classes)

Hmm, you could try, i’m not sure if it would give errors tho.

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it didnt work (press f to pay respects)

is there a way to turn off the gun ui its not in the configs, there is a way to do tht right

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you can delete the gun ui by going to
ReplicatedStorage > ACS_Engine > HUD > StatusUI > GunHUD
Just delete GunHUD and all the gun UIs should be gone

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Thank you :smiley: This will save me so much time :slight_smile: I wish ACS had mobile and Xbox compatability, plus the bullets would show up when you fire them

friendly reminder, ACS is very unsecure and you are able to kill the whole server with 3 lines of code, same goes for any forks of the ACS Engine that haven’t secured/edited the DamageEvent.


Do you have a way to secure this?

YES! This is very true, on the Redon Tech website we even tell that all major updates on this plugin are stopped due to its exploiting issues(https://redon.tech/acs-installer).

There is a way but it requires many changes to the system and is overall really hard to explain.

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Have you secured your ACS system yet?

No, I don’t even use due to this flaw alone because I don’t know how many more there are. There was even a backdoor at one point.

Ugh, I knew I shouldn’t have trusted those cheap models :confused:

no, I have not, I don’t use ACS as I just see the flaws outnumber the pros of using this system, I’d guess you need to add hit verification which would really require major restructuring of the internal server components of the framework.

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Any good gun systems you would reccomend?

not really, I’m also curious if there is any good, secure weapon framework on Roblox, without having the same vulnerabilities as, well killing the whole server in 3 lines of code.

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