[No Longer Supported] Redon Tech Advanced Combat System Installer

Hey there! This plugin is not the ACS system itself it just installs it automatically.

ACS Installer

This plugin is no longer maintained and as such has been taken off of Roblox if you would like to continue to use this please use the GitHub link below and follow the instructions there.
Redon Tech’s ACS installer aims to help new people that would like to use ACS to install it quickly and easily. We have a huge update coming soon and we are going to start the library function testing soon (if you are interested in testing this feature let me know).

~~ACS Installer V0.3 [Alpha] - Roblox
GitHub - Redon-Tech/ACS-Installer: The Redon Tech ACS installer automatically installs ACS.

If you have any questions leave them below.


wow, this is so cool! Thanks! It’s always boring installing ACS, very nice resource!

Can you provide a video showcase of what does it do?


so like i installed the plugin hit install acs but then it showed it requires r6 so i did so then i hit reinstalled
either way can u tell me how exactly can we use ACS

there’s no need to reinstall, just force R6 in your game and it should work

soo… what does ACS do what is it for is it a combat module or smthg or what??

ACS is a gun kit which gives many features such as a realistic healing system, food and thirst system, a drowning system, there are doors that you can breach in and has very realistic guns.

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say i wanna disable some features like food thirst n drown
also wht do u mean by doors that we can breach in

ServerScriptService > ACS Engine folder > Configs

Doors that you can kick down if they are locked, like in rainbow six siege.


now thats some warcrimes i can do

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Might wanna remove the invite code from the description, Roblox doesn’t like when people put invite codes in descriptions, titles, bios, group shouts and etc and will most likely punish you for putting it there.

Thanks! I plan on adding lots of new features soon!

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When the new version comes out I will be making a video!

I will change it in the new version so its on a text when you lunch the plugin and will remove it from the description.


I must’ve got confused, give me a moment, i’ll check.

I’m sorry, I meant:
ReplicatedStorage > ACS_Engine > ServerConfigs > Config

thx a lot its tht module script right

Yes, you can find everything inside there.

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one small doubt say like if i want the guns to always be reloadable wht do i do, is tht an option