[No longer supported] SSecurity: The ultimate anti-bot model

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Has your game been infested with bots that chat irrelevant statements? I have a solution!

SSecurity, or ScreenSecurity, is an anti bot model that will eliminate all chat bots (if it doesn’t let me know immediately and I’ll fix it).

SSecurity was also one of the first successful anti-bot models. It started out as just a plain script in 2019, now it is a MainModule.


What does it do?

SSecurity will teleport everyone who enters the game into an external place to verify themselves.

What verification types does it have?

SSecurity currently has captcha verification (text-based), an account age limit, and a color test.

How secure is SSecurity?

Very secure. Everything that can possibly be run on the server is run on the server. Additionally, captcha verification has a rate limit so the bot would need to type the keys one by one.

What happens when the user doesn’t pass?

The user is kicked from the game and required to wait a number of minutes until they can verify again. I’m planning to add this as an option to the configuration, but TeleportData isn’t secure as we all know.

How will SSecurity be updated?

Updates will include bug fixes and new features only.

I don’t want to use the SSecurity verification place, what can I do?

An option in the configuration, customPlace, can specify a custom place for SSecurity to teleport the user to.

I don’t want SSecurity to teleport me back to the original place, what can I do?

An option in the configuration, customTeleport, will teleport the user to another place once verification is finished.

How performant is the verification place?

It is as performant as possible. Most of the default player scripts are removed, and the server takes most of the load.

It’s your choice to use this- SSecurity is meant for very controlled userbases. New players might not know how to use it and might just dislike your game.

Get the model

If you don’t own the SSecurity model, you can get it by clicking “Get SSecurity now!” at the bottom left of your screen.

To get SSecurity, you can conveniently join the verification place.
Get SSecurity
It will prompt you to get the free model upon clicking the button.

However, I know how annoying it is to hunt for the MainModule and Loader, so I provided them here as well.

If you have any feedback or further questions, please reply below.

Edit 8/22/2023: Reports of SSecurity’s encryption not working. This may be due to a Roblox update. I’ll work on a fix later as I have more important things to do right now.


TeleportData can be modified by exploiters. You should not be using this for security purposes.


Please refrain from using deprecated objects, this should be a simple console log/warn, not a fullscreen effect.


Update #1: MainModule:
Version 0.12


Supports customPlace.
Will now mute the player immediately instead of waiting for the teleport.
PrintStartupMessage property for printing the version of the MainModule.


Revamped the module, should work with TextChatService as well.
Verified the starter place was the same as customPlace.

This release could possibly be buggy, please report any issues with it.

Update #2: Loader:
Version not applicable


PrintStartupMessage property for printing the version of the MainModule.


Changed info text.

Update #3: SSecurity Verification:
Version 0.61


Added version log.
Added deprecated loader warning.


Fixed a memory leak when the player leaves the game while a prompt is still open.
Fixed an issue when the go back button would act as the Continue button when joining.

Many more bug fixes.


SSecurity has minor text changes.

This is true, and I considered this when making SSecurity. Configurations are mostly internal, and I’m currently working on a GUID verification system using MemoryStore. Exploiters could not bypass SSecurity, they would need to go through it first. They could possibly bypass the account age limit but this will soon be implemented into the MainModule.

The issue has been resolved as part of the new MainModule update.

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I respect your effort, but I personally don’t believe the most effective solution to chat bots is to put players through a captcha system

I’m not in the target audience here, so I know I’m biased when I say this, but I believe using a regex pattern, and refusing to send messages if they flag it would work much more efficiently

If the bots get around this pattern, you can also use regex (yeah I’m unoriginal) to detect botted usernames; They are usually in similar groups or based on some name generation algorithm, so you could try to detect those and kick them before they even join.

Obviously you can do whatever you want to, and there may be a reason you chose to go with a captcha, but if someone was really dedicated enough, they could solve the captcha and the chatbot problem would remain


The issue with this is that it eliminates some of the users and messages. We want users to still be able to play the game or send messages, for example “don’t fall for free robux scams” should be sent as a message.

If you don’t prefer this method of anti-botting, you can look at this thread for more details:
Spam Bots In Games - Development Discussion - DevForum | Roblox
Bots are joining my game with the Console device, even though it’s not available on Console - Bug Reports / Engine Bugs - DevForum | Roblox


This does make sense, I’d just personally prefer not be able to send certain messages, rather than doing a captcha every time I join


A security update was released.
This update will improve the security of your SSecurity installation.

SSecurity now uses RSA256 encryption on the server for sending important teleportData messages. SSecurity needs your private key in order to do this, so the first user to join with SSecurity installed will transmit the private key. After that, the private key will no longer be sent.

I realized this was an issue after @R0bl0x10501050 responded to my post.

Important note:
You need to join your game after installing SSecurity to complete the encryption setup, and send the private key. SSecurity will show a window, saying “Thank you for using SSecurity!” if this was successful.

If this update causes any issues, please notify me through a DM or reply to this post.

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Nice system. However I partly agree with @uwuCulturist’s point you can add more security to your system by detecting if a player has a random string username when they completed the captcha once kicking them sounds a bit too far fetched if they get it wrong once I would recommend that the player has to beat the captcha again in order to play the game with 3 attempts if they get the captcha wrong 3 times than kick them on the server to make sure they don’t bypass it using anti-kick scripts.

Even if they aren’t kicked, it still will not teleport them to the target place with the encrypted key.

How would I do that?

I’m thinking of making this a configuration option within the next few updates.

Thank you for the feedback.