No one helped me before, so reuploaded; why wont roblox connect to the internet

No one saw my post before, so here it is again. please help me.

when i try to log in it immediately gives me an error saying it failed. ive tried the 3 options it give you to log in and no matter what as soon as i try to log in, it wont even try to connect to the internet. i can open a google tab, check task manger, and it works fine. it uses the internet. but i check studio and it wont use the internet at all, even when nothing else it

ive tried (in the past) reinstalling studio, restarting pc, restarting studio, force restarting studio (with task manager), having studio as the only open program, and more. nothing works.

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Restart your router or check with your Internet Service Provider. Or also try running studio as administrator, Thats the best I’ve got.


Good idea, but it might not work. There is a very low chance.

Useless because their networks are in perfect condition, only Roblox Studio is not working. So, checking their internet provider won’t help with Roblox Studio; the problem lies with the program, not their networks.

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wat would i do to fix this? im really mad about it

hey guy, Try what I advised you in the other post as I told you, it comes from Roblox, not your PC. :slight_smile:

Im not installing anything separate to fix this dumb issue, i already said hat to someone else who anted me to get a VPN for it. there has to be another way.

I will tell you your problem: Roblox has a problem that is affecting you. Reinstalling or deleting everything will not solve the problem, it will come back. If you are struggling with this issue, it is because of your Roblox Studio and your computer. It depends on the devices. If you do not try a solution, you will not solve your problem. So, your post is useless because you refuse any help. Sorry to tell you.

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ok, well im sorry. i assumed you could fix this.

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Man, it’s not difficult to install the program verified by a programmer appreciated by Roblox and give feedback on a version. I don’t see what’s wrong with that :confused: It was made by an engineer who is known by Roblox.

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