[NO PAY] How to make a "full team" script?

Hi, I’m making a RolePlay game (Hospital),
I’m a newbie to scripting and I need to know how toSurgg make sure that when someone tries to join a team, a message appears saying “team complete!”.
1.- I want that when “1” player is in a team, when someone tries to enter that team, a GUI will appear that says “Full team”

2.- To enter a team, I have BUTTONS with scripts that change your team. I want when player “1” is on that team,
when another player tries, say “Team complete”

Sorry if I speak English badly, I’m Spanish.

  1. This DevForum Section is for scripting support, We help and support on scripts not create scripts.

2.The task you want to complete would be more complex than a few lines as it requires remote function, guis, and Teams. you will need to create this entire system on your own but any trouble you may have we can help with.

  1. Putting “No Pay” in the title suggests its a task or job that you want people to do for you. If you want someone to do this task for you. Place it in recruitment. You would need to offer pay since people are not willing to do tasks for free.

What you would want to do is have a click detector in the block. That click detector would fire a remote event to the player. That would bring up the UI
I can probably write up a script later today for you.

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–If you want to hire a scripter, you might want to put it in the ‘Collaboration’ place
So basically, you have to use #team:GetPlayers() to know how many players are in the team
You may loop through this table if you want to, if you want some additional things
It’s a same process when making a button, but you’ll need to use remote functions to return a boolean value, and get acsess to the server.
And you can make a reomte event notifying Team complete or Team full, you might want to make only one event about it, and make every notifications to “Team full”. This can be done by using a player’s gui and make it invisable, then you can turn it visable in the event
You might want to use tweenservices using the event, that’s up to you
And as @Wizard101fire90 said, this will be quite complecated for new people, and I don’t know how good you’re at scripting.
You don’t have to display [NO PAY] because lots of people in the scripting support are willing to help free, and that’s one of the reason scripting support is a thing

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pls say what button you’re talking about
if it’s a gui button, you don’t need a clickdetector, mouse.button1down will be the event to use
but if it’s a part, you need something like a click detector.

Im talking about “touch”, I was wrong about the “click”

Something like this might work

–Define a remote event notify
local Fullnum = 1
-Define the part which have to be touched

local Character = Part.Parent
if Character:FindFirstChildWhichIsA(“Humanoid”) then
local Player = game.Players:WaitForChild(Character.Name
if #(Team):GetPlayers() < Fullnum then
Player.Team = (Team)

You might want to define a debounce, so it won’t lag

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Ok, Ty for help, im gonna try this script

Ok, lets try making this full team script
Here is how I set up my parts and stuff

What will happen is if the team is full, you will receive this popup. Otherwise you will be teamed

Lets begin

In the script, this is what I wrote

local team = game.Teams.Team2 -- Switch team2 to your team

local teamPart = script.Parent
local teamLimit = 1 -- Only 1 player on the team

local currentPlayers = #team:GetPlayers() -- How many people are on the team

local guiEvent = script.Parent.GuiEvent

local debounce = false --Will be used to prevent spamming the touch event

teamPart.Touched:Connect(function(partThatTouched) -- We are detecting when something touches the block
	if debounce == false then
		debounce = true
			if game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(partThatTouched.Parent) then -- Finds out if that is player
				if currentPlayers < teamLimit then --Checking to see how many players are on the team
					game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(partThatTouched.Parent).Team = team -- Changing team
		debounce = false

In the local script here is what I wrote

local event = game.Workspace:WaitForChild("SwitchTeamPart"):WaitForChild("GuiEvent")

	script.Parent.Frame.Visible = true
	script.Parent.Frame.Visible = false

Team Block.rbxl (23.0 KB) here is the download if you want it

If this is what you are looking for, feel free to mark this as the solution. If you have any questions, just ask away!

Edit: @jihooandjeaniscool did a lot of the stuff in the server that I did as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg!, Thanks You So Much!!! i wanna pay you but im poor

Scripting support isn’t a place to ask people to make you stuff for free, please read About the Scripting Support category.

I encourage other people reading to avoid doing this and instead just point the OP in the right direction by explaining principles or concepts instead of giving them a script.