No point in posting bug reports?

Now I know that what I’m going to say might make some people mad but just hear me out. I’ve been on the DevForum for about a year now and this situation happens to me often. So you know that when a member posts a bug report it automatically goes through the post approval procedure, and when regulars post a bug report it doesn’t. So, I posted a report and it’s been on hold for 3 days and 7 people on the post approval team have viewed it and haven’t approved it or unapproved it. Recently a regular posted the same thing and that made me wonder if there is any point of the topic since it’s already been spoken about. So now I really don’t understand the point of posting there?


I think this is a special case, not that there is no point in members posting bug reports.

You can always just copy over your post as a reply to the one made by a regular.

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Oh gosh, I’ve had to deal with that multiple times. I wouldn’t let it discourage you though, bug reports being submitted faster allows them to get patched quickly - that benefits all of us.

But believe me, I did feel the same way.


Those are your own views.

The backlog is really large right now, so please be patient.


Roblox Is going trough multiple problems right now, so please be patient I have my 3 posts In the queue, so Forum admins will check It whenever they get time for It, also Regular Is respectable rank that’s why they can post, without Post-approval team’s permission they know what they are doing on the forum, and they are, professionals that are the reason of them getting more access to the forum. Basically Roblox trusts the Regular trust level.

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A good Bug report should clearly mention the steps to reproduce. The steps should include actions that cause the bug . Don’t make generic statements. Be specific in the steps to follow. Don’t just jumb to the point, it will look least intresting.

There is always value in posting bug reports. It may be upsetting that a Regular posted the report and yours didn’t go through due to needing to wait for post approval, but there’s benefits there alone.

  • You get help directly from post approval on helping you make better posts.
  • By using the post approval process, your eligibility for a promotion to Regular increases.
  • It doesn’t matter who posts the report. More information = helps engineers investigate.

Even if it means that you aren’t the OP, always post a bug report if you are encountering an issue with the platform. There’s nothing to lose by not being the first poster but much to gain by providing information and extended accounts of an issue and contributing to improve the platform. It’d be worse if you don’t speak up about platform issues because engineers won’t have more information to use.

As for the post approval process, all I can say is best to leave it to staff. Views are not unique and those 7 views are from you checking back on the report. In addition, as we are phasing out community post approval, the backlog is getting heavier.


Bug reports are great ways to bring attention to major issues in the game client. You shouldn’t hesitate when submitting them; they benefit us all.

Did you read the full OP? The OP is talking about how a regular beat them to a bug report about the same topic. So OP feels somewhat discouraged.

I believe this was a special case and not something that happens often. If OP’s bug report has info the one made by the regular OP shouldn’t hesitate to add them as a reply of course

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To clarify, Post Approval members are not forum admins, they are volunteers which ONLY have the added privilege of approving posts. Actual forum admins work at Roblox and they can review flags.

also, most post approval members sort their inbox from oldest -> latest

so when you bump your post you’re actually doing the opposite, so it goes to the bottom of the queue

you would probably have gotten them approved already had you not replied to it

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