"No script currently available." Warning


Hi, I’ve run into an issue with Roblox Studio. Whenever I open a script I get a warning saying:

ScriptNavigationHandler : No script currently available.

After testing a bit, this occurs for every game or file I open, before and after reinstalling Roblox Studio. When publishing a game in this state no scripts are run, and in studio the scripts still appear in the explorer. Newly created scripts provide the same outcome.

I don’t know the exact steps to reproduce it because I haven’t been able to fix the error in the first place, but I think it’s along the lines of:

I open Roblox Studio, then plug in a HTC Vive. I test the game, notice it’s in VR, and stop the test. I unplug the Vive, closing SteamVR which also closes Roblox Studio as well. I re-open the latest auto-save and start getting these errors.


AFAIK It basically means that when you closed the game, you closed it with the script editor open. When you reopen the game the script editor doesn’t load when the game thinks it should meaning that you get that error.


I too started getting this a few days ago. I think this began on a Team Create place of mine, where did this begin for you?


This began while editing in solo for me, still haven’t been able to fix it sadly.


This, unfortunately, happens to me 100% of the time. This is a minor bug, but it’s very annoying. It adds unnecessary text to the output.


File a bug report and explain your situation if you’re sure this wasn’t something caused by your own doing. Be sure to follow the template and explain in as much detail as you can.


Just checked again, the scripts have started to work, but like Nil_ScripterAlt said, every script opens with this warning in the output. But I’m happy it’s not affecting the game anymore, so I’m done messing with it.

Edit: If you do find a solution though, please share. I’d love to get rid of this issue for good.