Datastore [[ No Coding Required ]]

–This script will save everything value that is stored inside of the leaderstats folder inside of the DatastoreV2 script

–No editing is required inside of the script as the code will scan trought the leaderstats folder and automaticly save what is inside

–Place the script inside of ServerScriptStorage

How to use:
–Insert object such as: IntValue, NumberValue, StringValue, BoolValue inside of the leaderstats folder inside of the script it self

–Give eacha proper name such as: Money, Gold, Xp, Level, Time Played…

–Script line: 81
–Total functions: 5
–Service used: DataStoreService

This asset was Created/Scriped by me [ECHOxQCx]

Link: https://create.roblox.com/store/asset/15644215288/DatastoreV2-NO-CODING-REQUIRED?externalSource=www



you didn’t have to go through the trouble to make this
people can just grab text from the documentation

How dare someone take time out of their day to help others. I think this is great for users who want to add a quick script to their experience without looking at documentation. Not everyone is a programmer, not everyone understands how to script.


it takes 3 seconds to copy text from documentation. even I do it when I forget how to use datastore. I know you want to be a hero but try doing it for actual conflict instead of something as small as this.

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I don’t understand why you’re pressed.
its free and it doesn’t bother you in any way.

If someone needs it, it’ll be here for them to use it.

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