No Scrolling in Properties Window

Every so often when I select an object in the explorer and go to its properties window, I am unable to scroll down and the scrollbar is not visible. To fix this I go back to the explorer, unselect and re-select the object and it usually works. I’ve only noticed this happening with TextLabels and TextButtons but I have only been working with them recently so I have not encountered it anywhere else. Once again this only happens about 5-10% of the time but it is still a bit of an annoyance.

As you can see the scrollbar is appearing and not appearing on the same TextButton. This happens with other TextLabels/TextButtons too. I am not sure what might be causing this but try to see if it happens for you by inserting a TextButton or TextLabel and keep trying to select it and view its properties.

See here: Properties pane scrollbar doesn't show up until you click on it

And here: Scroll bar doesn't show on properties window [Already reported]

Odd, I searched for it and couldn’t find anything. Well at least they’re looking into this.

A fix for this is going out in the next update.

Edit: This should be fixed now.


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