[no Spot LEFT] Making 4 free GFX’S! |

Hello my name is Mysterious and I am a beginner GFX designer. I am offering my service to 5 people for free.

First 3 People To Comment there Fav Color And a pic of theyre avatar gets a free GFX, Only 4 Though.

Will Probably be in bed soon, if this is filled when i wakeup, ii will close it down, Thanks For Reading :slight_smile:

I Started Doin GFX Pfp’s Litteraly 15 Hours Before this post was made


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Me :grin:
Blue is my favourite color

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Awesome Work!
My fav color is red.


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My fav color is bluePng

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My favorite color is blue :slight_smile:image

My profile, incase you need it: My Profile

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Awesome work! I believe there is one more spot!me

Profile if you need it: https://www.roblox.com/users/42699840/profile

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Whats your fav Color


Started An Hour Ago, Heres The Finished Product! Hope You Like It!Ehq2nHnU4AA3iy1

Ik The GFX Would’ve Been perfect If I Didn’t Mess Up The Arm, Sorry Bout That

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and heres a lil thing i did lol

Btw everyone, Thanks for All Being Blocky Avatars LOL





@alexwarrior317 hthh


Alr, Now Open Again, First 3 People To Comment They’re Fav Color and A Picture Of They’re Avatar Get A PFP, Or A Game Icon Or Whatever, Lmk What You Want

My favorite color is blue (specifically cyan)

My avatar: image

I guess i’ll take a pfp. (or whatever you prefer)

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@Coolman132417 wanted to redo the GFX due to i noticed it was a bit blury and stuff, Hope You Like This New One gr

Still a bit blury but in my opiniong it looks better

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I Will start on yours rn, would you like Me To Use The Blocky Character Style as You Have Or Would Woman Rig Be Alr?

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I prefer the blocky character style, but if you want to try out the woman rig go for it! (As I don’t think you got a chance to do a free GFX with it, so do which one you prefer)

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I Will do Woman rig to start out then i will switch it with Blocky, bc like you said, i havent used the Woman Rig Before lol, Love The Avatar Btw!

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@TehPineapplePanda Hope You Like It, My Most Detailed Work yet!


Cyan WallPaper :wink:

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The woman rig looks so nice with my avatar! (and I love how you put my profile pic in the photo)

Thanks so much for making it!!!

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Anytime, Any Tysm For The Avatar, Bc as soon as i saw the avatar i just had this huge idea and So i Got Creative and well, i love it as well! I Did this one for my sister yesterday,

but youu gave me alot more experience, Thanks lol

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