No syntax highlighting for interpolated strings in codeblocks

With the recent addition of string interpolation to the Strings article in the creator documentation, interpolated strings are not highlighted in codeblocks. I can only assume this is because only Lua (not Luau) is supported in markdown codeblocks.

For the foreseeable future, by both IX and creators contributing to the documentation, it can be assumed that the use of string interpolation will replace most cases of explicitly calling string.format. To this end, syntax highlighting for interpolated strings would be incredibly helpful to clearly see that interpolated strings are in fact valid strings.

Expected behavior

With support for interpolated strings, declaring an interpolated string should appear green according to the current docs site colour palette.


I’d also like to see this fixed on the devforum:

print(`Hello {player.Name}!`)

Not sure if they can though, since it runs on discourse’s engine.

Please submit requests for the Developer Forum in Forum Features (though you will likely instead have to file this via Discourse) instead of asking for this here. IX does not handle the DevForum, Developer Engagement does.

We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue and will start investigating, we will update you when we have further information.

Thanks for flagging!

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