No textures being imported

Why does it turn out like this in roblox studio.

And this is blender. I exported as FBX, I used selected objects and I selected all the parts. What did I do wrong?
Why is there no textures imported?

Roblox dosent import blender materials.

You have to either bake the textures, or use the asset manager to divide the model and color/texture in studio.


Either do what @CaptianSmollett said or you can use UV unwrapping & texturing to your advantage. You can have solid colors as the texture, for example you would have orange, white and black in the image. Then put the orange parts on the orange color in the UV editor and so on.

What about download fbx/obj off like polymodel or whatever, I want to use it and recreate something but textures are messing up when downloaded.
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Textures being “messed up” when downloaded shouldn’t happen unless you have the wrong texture or the UV islands aren’t in the correct place. Your best fix would be manually adjusting the texture and UV islands to fit the model.