No type information for 'for _, desc in ipairs(model:GetDescendants()) do'

for_, descin ipairs(model:GetDescendants()) do

‘desc’ does not infer type information that is is an Instance. Manually fixed by doing:

for _, desc: Instance in ipairs(model:GetDescendants()) do

Expected behavior

‘desc’ should be inferred as Instance.

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I may be wrong but wouldn’t that just cause issues if there’s more than one type that’s a child/descendant of the model? (issues being incorrect intellisense). I feel like if you need it, it’d be easier to just manually give it a type.

Base type is Instance for the array.

Thank you for the report.

Should be an easy fix, we will change the return type to {Instance}.


lol this has been a problem for years

Check GetChildren as well and any like functions, thank you!!!