Node-Based Visual Scripting Plugin Devlog

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming (for the average Creations Feedback post), community support, I’ve decided to develop this plugin. As promised, I will be appealing to the community for feedback about everything so this can be than be the best plugin it can be.

This is my first devlog, so it might contains issues or stuff. So, the first thing I need is what should the plugin be named? Leave possible names in the replies if you have any! Or leave other feedback there too, it will be taken into consideration and will be applied if it fits within my (very broad and vague) vision of this plugin.

Old Post

I recently downloaded a visual behavior tree editor plugin, and I’m loving it. It’s a whole lot easier to drag nodes and connect them instead of writing layers upon layers of if statements or tables. Then I thought to myself what if I extended the concept to scripting: a node-based visual script editor that supported the entire Roblox API, being no less capable than the text-based editor that comes with Studio by default? I decided to fire up the UI editor and make a quick mockup, inspired by Unity’s visual scripting system:

Now here’s the bit I’m asking you about: Should I continue this project? Would it help anybody? I have a basic idea of how it would work, but would it provide any benefit to the community as a whole? I want to be sure that this will be able to provide enough benefit to users to justify the time cost to develop this.

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  • Yes, develop this plugin as it will provide enough benefit to the community to justify the time cost.
  • No, don’t develop the plugin as it will not provide enough benefit to justify the time cost.
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Thanks for reading!


can i help you with this proyect
i have a bit of experience making plugins and translators

Feel free to assist me in any way you can! I’ll be updating this post with development progress and requests for community input every step of the way as it looks like there’s a lot of support for this (11 voters in 2 hours? Nice)! Stay tuned!

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I guess yes it looks good like the UI design is rlly good so yea make it.

Currently searching for this exact thing, yes it’s definitely going to help a lot especially people who want to make quick code and don’t know scripting. Look at UE5 Blueprint as an example. It’s an amazing programming node editor.