Nomer | Scripter

About Me

I’m self-taught and have been scripting on Roblox for over 9 years. I’ve worked on dozens of projects and several high-profile games with many teams including RedManta, Mad Studio, Zegan Studios, Totally Unique Games, Cutout Studios, and more.

I have a burning passion for creating amazing experiences on Roblox. From complex internal systems to the final user experience, I’m wholly invested into the quality of my work and how it affects millions of players worldwide. In addition to keeping up with the latest in programming, I study Game Design and UX in my free time.


Here are some of the games I’ve worked on:

Tools, libraries, and tech I’m proficient with and have used in games include:

I’m also familiar with most team/project organization tools such as Jira, Trello, Bitbucket, GitLab, Github, and Slack.

I’m able to create whole games or work on existing ones. World bosses, weapons, shops, inventory systems, datastore wrappers, and much more.


I am currently unavailable.


I accept hourly and per-task payment, in Robux or USD via PayPal. My hourly rate starts at $25/hr; per-task is negotiable and depends on the task. I understand the constraints of development, so please contact me if you’d like to work something out :slightly_smiling_face:


I am currently unavailable.


This guy is amazing!! Great to work with. Hire him.


Having worked with Nomer on Pirates Life as well as having commissioned him to create plugins, I have only the highest praise for his work!


Sent a friend request on Discord! (jx#0001)

Sent a request on discord! (DerpTurtle#3649)

Are you an long-term Scripter? If yes I will add you.


I’ve added you on discord. (Isero15360#4142)